Communicate with your church without the hassle

SimplifyTexting makes it easy to stay in touch and reach out to your church.


Enter Contact Information

We’ve made adding contacts simple and easy.  

Simply enter the person’s phone number to begin a conversation.  

Additionally, we’ve made it easy to enter a list of contacts by uploading a .csv file or list.


Type The Text You Want to Send

Use our intuitive conversation text area to send your message.  

Responses will show up when they are received as well as notifying you with a sound in your browser and an email notification.

You can also choose from a list of pre-made responses or messages.  We’ve created some for your use or you can customize your own! 


Carry On The Conversation

Each conversation is easily accessible in the conversations list.  It’s easy to move between conversations and stay in touch with each contact! 


Some ask “why not just send texts from my phone?”

Trusth is, yes, you could send text and SMS messages to your church from your phone.

However, that conversation is restricted to that person’s phone and they are now required to use their personal phone for church communication.  

SimplifyTexting eliminates the need for a phone to keep up conversations.  Its easy to have a conversation in our convenient web-based interface and have that ongoing communication saved for future review, etc.


In fact, that’s one of the main reasons to have a system like SimplifyTexting.

You can send a broadcast message to two or two-hundred people at once.  

The best part, you’re not creating an annoying group text where everyone gets all the responses.

We send each message out as an individual SMS text and the recipient is then able to respond to you individually.

When you setup your account, we will give you the opportunity to find a custom 10 digit local number to be used for your account.  No need for spammy short-codes, we make each number individual to your team or organization so your team parents and contacts will have confidence in the messages you’re sending.

Each text or SMS message sent or received is counted as 1.0 credit.  Your account is loaded each month with a number of credits to be used, and more can be purchased at any time.  If your account drops below 125 credits, it will automatically be recharged to make sure you’re never in a place where you can’t communicate with your team.